What to Do before learning contrabass clarinet

What to Do before learning contrabass clarinet

Learning any musical instrument is not an easy task, especially when it is now the contrabass clarinet. Apart from this instrument being the biggest of the clarinets, it is a bit confusing with its parts and other features. Before you learn the instrument, you need more than a keen interest in music. You actually need to fall in love with the sound coming from this instrument so much that you won't give up. There are a lot of challenges that will come your way when it comes to learning the contrabass clarinet. But as long as you love the instrument generally, you will keep going. There is a lot of work to do before you start learning how to play the contrabass clarinet. These things are what we will be discussing in this guide.

Confirm your interest in music

If your music interest is not there, you will not even hear about the contrabass clarinet in the first place. However, it is not only about having music interest, you need to also have a keen one to ensure you don't give up along the line. If you can not spend a lot of time with music daily, then maybe the contrabass clarinet isn't for you.

Do a broad research about the clarinet instruments

Contrabass clarinet is a historical one and the biggest amongst the clarinet family. Understanding this instrument requires you to do a lot of deep research that will interest you. Having that understanding of the instrument will give you more motivation to learn how it works.

Understand the different types of contrabass clarinet

There are two main types of contrabass clarinet. The BB contrabass clarinet and the Eb contrabass clarinet. The bb is bigger than the eb type and most people refer to it as the bigger brother of the two types of contrabass clarinet. Moreso, it also costs too much so, there may be little or no existence of this type.

Listen to contrabass clarinet sounds

A contrabass clarinet sound is unique to only that instrument. No other acoustic instrument can sound like anything close to it. You need to listen to the sound you are about to learn, and determine whether it is something you can sit down and listen to. If it is not something that will interest you, there is no way it will be an interesting art to someone else when you play it. After you have done this, you can now research contrabass clarinet trainers and get the professional to walk you through the process.


The process of learning to play the contrabass clarinet is a tedious one. This instrument is a historical one, so it requires a lot of patience to think or learn it. If you do not have some endurance and grit, you will most likely give up along the way. However, with the steps described in this guide, you will get ahead with the learning process of the contrabass clarinet. Another thing you must ensure you do is get a good coach to teach you the instrument. If you do not have a good coach, you will most likely give up.