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Bay Area funk powerhouse, Kuckaw!, assembled with one goal in mind: to simultaneously stimulate brain and booty alike. Influenced by artists such as Herbie Hancock, Orgone, Snarky Puppy, and Jamiroquai, Kuckaw!’s sound melds the driving, heavy rhythms of 70′s funk with the hypnotic, interlocking essence of Afrobeat, a touch of disco, and the wild abandon of a Zappa-esk musical odyssey. Hailing from the great city of Oakland, California, this heavy hitting ensemble features members and collaborators of Albino! – Heavy Heavy Afrobeat, Dynamic, Victor Little’s Big Hit [of Booker T], Jazz Mafia, Ernest Ranglin, and Soji & The Afrobeat Band [of Fela Kuti], among many others. Keep an ear out for this burgeoning ensemble, bringing the funk to a location near you!

For booking inquiries and all other philosophical quandaries, please contact Adam Lowdermilk